WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download [ for PC & Desktop ]

WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download: WhatsApp is a great way to share your messages with your loved ones. So it is used by the millions of the users around the world. One the best things about WhatsApp is you don’t need to log in every time. Simply we can say the WhatsApp is not only popular but easy to install and use.

Having a WhatsApp on your PC is just like icing on a cake. You can chat with the people in your contact list very easily and send the same message to different contacts. Using WhatsApp you can check you can check who is online and set a profile picture for faster recognition.

Through WhatsApp, you can transfer music, images and video files and you can share the location with your contacts. You can enjoy the 24X7 support and save contacts directly. With every upgrade of WhatsApp, you will get a new feature.

WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download

WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download

WhatsApp has recently added a new feature is up and rolling. Through this feature, you can delete the send message. However, the receiver will still see a message stating that “this message has been deleted” on the Android device. And an iOS user can see the “this message has been recalled” for iOS. The message can only be deleted within seven minutes after being sent.

WhatsApp has been introducing latest features within their application and also entering in the social media by introducing the features like stories. Yet there are many other popular applications offer services like voice calls, conference video and video calling much before the WhatsApp but WhatsApp is the still at the top. WhatsApp has 1 billion daily active users and an around 1.3 billion monthly active users.

System Requirements About WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download

1. Windows version 7/8/10
2. Operating System Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1

How to install WhatsApp for Windows?

You can download and install the WhatsApp on your PC or Mac. To make the setup of the WhatsApp on your computer, you must have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone as well.

Steps to Download the WhatsApp for Windows?

1. Download the WhatsApp setup file
2. Open the WhatsApp download page to download the WhatsApp file.
3. Click the green color download button
4. You will see a green color button on the right side of the page.
5. Below it, you will see an option Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC.
6. Select the option Download for Windows on a PC.
7. You need to choose the download location and click OK to start the download.
8. Wait until your file finishes downloading, this process takes few minutes.
9. Once the download process finishes, you can proceed with installing WhatsApp.

Advantages of WhatsApp for Windows

Messages Are Fully Encrypted

The desktop version of WhatsApp is same in end-to-end encryption like the mobile version. The encryption means that your chat is get scrambled for privacy the moment they are sent and cannot be unscrambled until they reach the receiver. Only sender and receiver can see the text.

Archived Images Are Blurred

Obviously, the desktop has a larger screen than your mobile phone. You will get an additional layer of privacy as you look at archived conversation which might contain some confidential information. You need to click the image to un-blur it. However, you will not get an option to re-blur which is a nice option.

Horizontal Orientation

The desktop version takes full benefit of horizontal orientation. In the PC you can see the contacts on your left and active conversation on the right. You also get the separate menu for app setting and conversation actions. Simply you will get everything which you can do with your mobile apart from calling.

WhatsApp is free like other apps of a mobile and ready to use in the fraction of the time. Install it today if you don’t installed it yet. WhatsApp for Windows 10 Free Download

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