What is new in Xcode 9 Beta 6

What is new in Xcode 9 Beta 6: XCode is the best tool in the market for Apple iOS developer. Many people are excited to know what are the new feature Apple has added in the XCode 9. Easily XCode 8 was already perfect for their users. But Apple wanted to increase the usage therefore they have added new coding language in the XCode 9.

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What is new in Xcode 9 Beta 6

What is new in Xcode 9 Beta 6

We have created an amazing list of most important XCode 9 Beta 6 version.

All New Editor: Now you can use super-fast surfing experience on the XCode with structure based editor that lets you intelligently highlight and navigate all type of code you wanted to include with the awesome markdown support. Therefore, you will enjoy this feature.

Super Fast Search Bar: Apple wanted to enable fasted search bar on their application as they believe in making super-fast and easy to use programs. This feature will help you to navigate thousands of queries with instant results with the solution.

Fix / Debugging: Wireless debug iOS and tvOS such device used by thousands of users over the network, new debuggers are added for metal and more such features in the XCode.

New File Type: As always apple try to increase the usage of tool, they have now added Swift, Objective-C, Interface Builder and many more such amazing file type, which will attract more users to try XCode with such refectory.

New Source Control: You can now use GitHub accounts for instant browsing and repositories and pushing your repositories to the cloud. As well as such new source can be check using it, as it will help you to navigate and control the overall software.

XCode Service: Now you can run Xcode 9 on any mac OS. Since, now they have added new bots which will help you to integration which means now you don’t need to install the macOS service.

So, these are the most important and useful updates we have cover on the XCode 9 Beta 6. However, we have also notice the new playground templates and theme, which you can use with the Siwft and Xcode playground in iPad. Which is pretty cool design and I loved it!

Being Apple OS developer, we love using quality stuff which don’t let us bore while working on it. So, Apple’s new XCode 9 version will surely help you to stay focus while using it. As now their XCode tool is much better and fast with improved performance and reliability.

I do not this that anyone can replace XCode because it’s has unbelievable features, as we can use large number of files. It understands all type of code and work accordingly.

Powerful new refactoring tasks happen in place, renaming symbols across Swift, Objective-C, and even user interface files without skipping a beat.

All type of source is now compatible with the Swift 4 as XCode now use same compiler to build old Swift 3 code, which will help you to switch it. That’s all about the What is new in Xcode 9 Beta 6

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