WakaTime – Quantify Your Programming (Metrics, Insights, Time Tracking)

WakaTime: As growing internet world, each and every stuff from small product to large contract of any project and online website for shopping and retailing are available online. Unlike products several websites for different platforms are developing at a very fast pace for providing facilities to any user across the world wide.

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Websites for helping new buds of programming or well established programmer are also flooded all over the internet. These sites facilitate programmer in many ways like blogs about certain programming tool, coding modules that are freely available over several websites for easy access to them for including them in their own article.


WakaTime – Quantify Your Programming (Metrics, Insights & Time Tracking)

Some of these websites are designed to track coding time, languages used and progress related to them. One of the most common and best rated website it WakaTime. I m using WakaTime as an editor for programming in different languages supported by WakaTime editor. This platform is a very great option for every editor of programming work to ensure their progress.

About WakaTime

• Founder: The main goal behind introduction of WakaTime was to leave manual tracking method of time and replace them with more effective and accurate automated dashboard.

• Their mission: WakaTime had worked in the direction of automatic tracking of time for every individual programmer. They have developed open source plugin for editing text and IDEs. We editors are provided with insight details of our program code and language used.

• Assets and logos: developer from third party are warmly welcomed by WakaTime and these external developer will help every WakaTime editor to improve software or code written by them in many or some ways. Logos are download able from the site to include them as it is in program code. Similar to logos, assets are also download able.

• Plugins: plugins are available as open source which can be easily installable for the purpose of seeing dashboard with coding metric in a personalised way. 43 editors are technically supported by WakaTime which enables user to have a complete programming picture.

• 43 editors include: Android Studio, App Code, Notepad++, Aptana, Atom, Blender, Brackets, CLion, Chrome, Cloud 9, Coda, CodeTasty, DataGrip, Eric, Eclipse, Imacs, Flash Builder, Gedit, Gogland, IntelliJ IDEA, Kakoune, Kate, Komodo, MonoDevelop, NetBeans, PhpStorm, PyCharm, SQL server, Code::Blocks, Visual studio, Pymakr, Vim, Rider, Unity and much more.

Below are the two main word or phrases over for which WakaTime open source, before going any further it is important to know what is their mean and how they are used.


IDE – Integrated Development Environment: IDE is a very common term in software world, it is commonly stands for integrated development environment. In general it is a software developer application for facilitating comprehensive tools for software development to computer programmers.

It comprises of three main fields and those are tools for automation building ( known as build automation tools), source code editor and a debugger. Most of the modern IDEs consist of intelligent tools for code completion, along with compiler and interpreter or both.

What Is Text Editors?

Simple and basic programs type for the use of editing text file, of plain nature are called text editors. Those software are also termed as notepad software, one of the most common example of notepad by Microsoft. They are usually either in packages of software development or operating systems.

Features of WakaTime

– User will get to know how much he or she is spend time over their coding project. WakaTime provide this feature by tracking our working on code. Every time us user visit WakaTime, our start of coding and the time we stop working is recorded or in other words tracked.

Other features which are continuously being tracked by WakaTime are:

– Project upon which user is working. For showing progress report individually of every project based upon programme code language, time etc

– All those file open by the user are also being tracked as they develop history of every individual editor.

– Branch of program included.

– Commit of editor but keeping their privacy and security as priority.

– Editor and IDE used in programs.

– Features of programs, this feature is also for maintenance of program development.

– Operating systems on which WakaTime is running by any editor void internet. As every operating system will behave differently any some manner with open software available on website. These differences could be negligible in many case.

– Languages which are being used on programs or software due to the main goal of website that is tracking language used in programming along with time.

1. Language stats:

– WakaTime provide us editors details about languages statistical data which we are using for editing or development along with statistics of overall timing spent in writing or coding through them.

2. Product usage:

– It automatically detects project running and about their usage but it also ensures security. Editors will never get interrupted while programming by WakaTime.

–  Helps it’s user editors in developing, designing and creating software which are amazing and needed in technical world.

3. Metric in commit:

– Manages coding history of editor users for providing stats record of their work on commit based upon coding time.

4. Competitive approach:

– WakaTime provides a competitive platform over which each editor can compare their overall coding timing and activities based upon it with their friends or contacts.

As a user of WakaTime for text editing since 2015 which is a long duration of 2 years I have found all the above features of WakaTime very helpful.

They help me and my programmer friends and circle tracking our progress and help is improve our code via external editors which they call as a third party editors.

WakaTime has maintained my record of overall coding time since I began using it and with the percentage of different language usage. Official Site Link

I recommend WakaTime to every programmer and editors for development of new project or writing programs. It does most of our work which every programmer or editor use to do manually. Let your work happen automatically in a technical way and enjoy your work. That’s All About WakaTime

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