Safari Browser for Windows 10 Download Free [32 Bit / 64 Bit]

Safari Browser for Windows 10: Safari Browser is a better product than other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. No matter which device you are using the features of Safari compels you to make it your main browsing tool.

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You will get more browsing space as Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser. The see a scroll bar only when you need as the browser frame is a single pixel wide. Safari enables your searches in a smarter way so that you can find the web pages faster.

You will see all your open tabs in an excellent manner. Right from the Safari, you will be able to tweet web pages, share via email or message or post them on Facebook and much more. Safari satisfies your need for speed as it has a speed to burn. You will forget to wait for the pages to load. You want to see those search results, get the latest updates, check the share prices right now.

Safari Browser for Windows 10 Download Free

Safari Browser for Windows 10 Download Free [32 Bit / 64 Bit]

Excellent User Interface

The clean look of Safari keep your focus on the web and not your browser.

Organizes Bookmarks

You can organize the bookmarks just as you do in iTunes.

Automatic Form Filling

Safari completes the online form for you, automatically and securely.

Secure Browsing

You can keep your activities private with one click.

Adjustable Text Fields

You can resize the text fields on any website. To do this you need to just grab the corner and drag.

Tabbed Browsing

You can open multiple web pages in a single window.

RSS Built-in RSS

RSS updates you when a new content is added to your favorite website.


Safari is designed by the engineers of apple as it is secure from day one.

Why You Should Download Safari Browser for Windows 10

Covers Flow Graphics

Cover Flow is a three-dimensional animated graphical display that lets iPhone user flip through album covers. Safari uses the same technique to display your history items and bookmarks as images you can clip through them quickly. As you find any history item or a bookmark you would like to view, tap or click it and Safari takes you to the website.

Advance Search History

In case you visited a shopping website some weeks ago and discovered something. If you like to find that website later using a regular browser. You need to remember a word from the website’s title and type that into your history search.

Safari takes a different approach to history storage and saves all the text of every page visit. It enables to you search for a word that you saw on a webpage you visited in the past. If you recall your search type that into Safari search box and shows search results that match our query.

No Need To Install Add-ons

The browsers like Firefox enable you to install add-ons which you can save Web pages you like to view later. Safari built this feature into user interface so you don’t have to install anything to use in future. You need to click an icon to open your reading list panel and click Add to save the current Web page to the reading list. Visit any page in the list and click its name.

Safari Reader

To remove the clutter from a Web Page you may enjoy it more and read faster. Safari has a feature of a special reader that can remove the mess from articles you find. It also displays them in an excellent format that stops advertisements and other distractions.

As you encounter a Web page that has an article, click the “Reader” button that appears to switch to the reader view. Click the button again return to your normal browsing view.

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Steps To Download Safari Browser for Windows?

1. Visit the Apple’s official website. Here you will see other productive add-ons to install from the Safari extensions gallery.

2. Select the latest version and click download. The download process of Safari browser is simple and easy.

3. As you done with download Safari for Windows using compressed file extract the contents of the zipped installation file into a target folder.

4. Double-click the Safari.exe after extraction of the zipped file is finished, to launch Safari browser on your Windows.

5. Congratulations now you can enjoy fast and secure browsing on your Safari browser for Windows.

Safari Browser for Windows 10 Download Free.

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