Safari Browser for Windows 10 Free Download [Step By Step Guide]

Safari Browser for Windows 10 Free Download: Safari offers cross-platform features which you can use on your Apple as well as PC. It provides impressive page load times, security features and cleans unnecessary junk. Want to get more browsing space, Safari is for you. The browser frame is a single pixel wide.

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When you need to speed Safari is for you, it is the world’s fastest browser. Stop waiting for pages to load and download the Safari for Windows. No matter what you want to search get the latest news, check stock prices and much more.

Safari Browser for Windows 10 Free Download

Safari Browser for Windows 10

1. Safari has the fastest web browser, it looks nice and clean.

2. The supporting shortcuts are very helpful.

3. It contains good security features.

4. Safari contains easy zooming options.

5. It covers the flow history searching.

6. Safari offers lots of extensions for Mac and PC.

7. It provides bookmarking and RSS feeds.

8. Safari has tabulation and top sites features.

9. Safari contains the spelling and grammar check tools.

10. The download manager of Safari is efficient and fast.

11. Safari contains developer tools.

12. It comes with a share button, through which you can send a link to your friends or directly post them on Facebook from the browser.

13. Safari warns you before opening the page if you are looking for more features.

14. Safari contains full a library of extensions with productive tools, security features and translation plug-ins.

How To Download Safari Browser for Windows 10

1. Open any web browser and visit the link from your Windows PC.

2. Select to save the SafariSetup.exe

3. As SafariSetup.exe finishes the downloading, choose to “Run” the installer and walk through typical Windows installer.

4. Choose to install Safari for Windows, and don’t forget to uncheck making it the default browser and avoid installing any other software on it. Remember this is an old version.

5. As the installation is done, launch Safari for Windows it is ready to use.

Features of Safari Browser for Windows 10

1. Excellent performance and fastest browser for any platform.

2. The looks of Safari clean and looks you focus on the web.

3. You can organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes.

4. Get rid of annoying pop-ups and pop-under windows.

5. Search any text from any website with the integrated Find banner.

6. You can open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.

7. Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of the website.

8. Safari fills online forms for you securely and automatically.

9. RSS alerts you whenever a content is added to your favorite sites.

10. Safari resizes the text fields on any website, you need to grab the corner and drag.

11. Keeps your online activities private with a single click.

12. Safari is secured from the day one.

13. Removes all browsing history which you browsed during a period of time you choose.

Safari for Windows free download any file within a very short period of time. It is a wonderful browser as you experience language as well as spelling within a browser.

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