Quick Time for Windows 10 Free Download [Step By Step Guide]

Quick Time for Windows 10 Free Download: Experience the excellent video quality of any HD video and full-HD movie or video through Quick Time player. Quick Time is the best perfect audio playback integration with your browser to allow you watch videos right from its window.

Being the Apple’s media player the Quick time do many activities. Quick Time can handle various formats of digital video, sound, images, panoramic images and interactivity. It can play various formats such as digital videos, picture, sound, animation, text, graphics, interactivity and music with built-in media player.

In this article, I am going to mention how to download Quick Time for Windows. To install the Quick Time on Windows make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Before I start the installation process let me tell you the sources through which you can download the Quick Time.

Quick Time for Windows 10 Free Download

Quick Time for Windows 10 Free Download

How To Install Quick Time for Windows 10

1. Select the source through which you want to download the Quick Time. Your browser will download the installer.

2. Once the installer has been downloaded click on the file a zipped file warning notice will appear.

3. Click the option extract all and the next screen will be Quick Time installer welcome page.

4. Simply click next and select the destination where you want Quick Time to be installed. As there are three types of installation will be there.

5. It’s up to you there are three types of options will be there i.e. Minimum, Full and Custom.

6. Click next and the Quick Time plugin window will appear together with registration window, and the setup window.

7. As you complete these screens with the right information you will get the option to install the Quick Time software.

8. The next screen will show that the Quick Time has been installed successfully.


Quick Time is a multimedia platform is an advanced video technology named as H.264 to deliver brilliant, crisp HD video using less storage and bandwidth. It has a flexible format which lets you do more with digital media. You can easily convert your files to various formats and record the edit your work.
Note: Only player features are available in the free version of Quick Time.

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