Kodi for Windows 10 Free Download for Laptop PC [64 Bits/32 Bits]

Kodi for Windows 10: If you are a real fan of movies, sports, TV shows etc. Kodi is a great app for you. Kodi is a free app which is developed specifically for the home entertainment.

Kodi is formerly known as XMBC is an open-source media player. It is a software application which is developed by XMBC Foundation.

kodi for windows

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Kodi can turn your computer, smartphone, and tablet into a digital set-top box or a streamer gives you the ability to stream files from the Internet.

Simply it’s a multi-platform home-theatre PC application. You can change the variety of skins that can change the appearance and various plug-ins help the user to, access streaming media content through online services.

Kodi has existed since 2002, at that time it was known as Xbox Media Player. Later in the year 2014, it was renamed as Kodi by the XMBC.

The Xbox Media Player was launched for the first-generation Xbox game console, but now it is available for various platforms such as Android, macOS, BSD, iOS, tvOS windows and much more.

Kodi for Windows

Yes, No doubt you can use the Kodi on your Windows PC as it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP.

To use Kodi on Windows you need to download the .exe file from the official website i.e. http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/win32/kodi-17.0-Krypton.exe. Kodi is a great multimedia player.

Initially, the Kodi app was developed as a homebrew media application for the Xbox media center. Later the developers of Kodi added all the platforms like iOS, Android Windows etc.

Enjoy your favorite videos, songs from your local hard disk or your cloud storage. You can also watch movies and TV shows along with Music videos, news etc. from the online source.

To access the online source you need to download and install plug-ins from inside the app.

Features of Kodi App?

When it comes to TV and movie streaming you might have heard about Kodi, but you may not know what the Kodi is. Through this article, I am going to mention the features of Kodi.

1. Centralized media Center

It helps to store all your content from a single place the virtual access no matter where you are.
Please note that Kodi doesn’t provide any media itself, the user has to provide their own content or point it manually to online media.

2. Supports all platforms

Kodi platform supports almost all video and audio file formats. You will get the flexibility to run old as well as new files with the equal ease.

With the use of numerous plugins, you can stream content form a large number of free video service such as Vimeo, YouTube etc.

3. Supports common media formats

Kodi supports slideshows, weather forecasts, audio visualizations and much more.

But unlike other solution like Myth and Windows Media Center, it doesn’t come with internal digital TV-tuner backed for Live TV functionality.

4. Upscale your favorite videos

Simply Kodi brings a wide-ranging support to your entertainment world. You can play media from SMB/SAMBA/CISF shares, WebDAV or UPnPx shares, NFS.

You can upscale all the standard definition videos to 720p, 1080i & 1080p resolutions through Kodi.

5. Streaming of videos and library view

You can stream your videos from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix etc. through the add-ons. The video library of Kodi organizes the videos by the information, which can be obtained through scrapers associated with them.

To view the videos in the library you can browse and sort the content via Title, Year, Actors, Directors, Genre etc.

How to Download Kodi App?

Kodi is one of the most popular media platforms which helps you to access your own media files. It is a powerful app that enables stream from a large number of sources around the world.

By following simple steps you can download Kodi within 10 minutes.

Step 1 Download Downloader

First of all you need to get an app that will help you to directly download, the Kodi app installer file.

Step 2 Enabling the apps from unknown sources

The ‘unknown sources’ stands that the apps are not from the Amazon Appstore. It is an important security feature but it requires to be disabled before installing Kodi. Though it is not available directly from Amazon.

Step 3 Open Downloader

Here you just need to boot the downloader. Here you hardly need an instruction, as you install an app you will see it pop up at the top of one of your app feeds.

Step 4 Enter the Kodi URL

As you are in the downloader. This is an app that helps you to download apps and other files through a browser-like interface, as your Fire TV doesn’t contain its own Chrome/Safari-style internet app.

Step 5 Select the right Kodi to build

After the typing of correct URL, you can see a web page that appears in the Download app. Here you will find all the available Android install builds. Pick one as per the version of your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick you have.

Step 6 Get content on your Kodi to build

Well done! Now you have installed Kodi on your Fire TV.

Kodi for Windows: Add-ons

1. Covenant

It is new addon of Kodi for 2017 which is based on Exodus and Genesis code. It plays movies as well as TV shows. As the Lambda stopped updating Exodus, the covenant is the best solution for this and it will be receiving future updates from the new developers.

2. BoB Unleashed

It is a new update released by Noobs and Nerds Repo which is an unrestricted addon. It is an awesome latest addon with lots of familiar names like Thunder, TNPB and Valhalla. It has a large number of content such as movies, TV shows and much more.

3. Plex Kodi Add-on

This Add-on is recently announced by Kodi that is available for Kodi. Through Plex, you will get ultimate video streaming experience that will bring fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi.

4. Elysium

It is a continuation of the popular Zen Addon which is updated and renamed. Enjoy movies and TV shows with the similar interface as other Exodus Forks.

5. The pyramid

The pyramid is an older Kodi addon which has been regularly updated. It recently receives updates, play movies, sports and TV shows with a single click.

6. Openload Movies

With the help of Openload Movies you can click Kodi movie and TV show video addon from Dandy Media Repo.

7. 123 Movies

This Addon is received from Mucky Ducks Repo that has improved quality link and made them a single click to play.

8. Project M

All-in-one addon that includes IPTV, movies, TV shows, music, sports and much more. A lot of streams that have divided into categories and subcategories.

9. No Name

It is recently received an update, as once you click a link it goes out and takes a minute to find the best available to play. Play movies, 3D, live TV etc.

10. Openload Movies

It is one-click Kodi movie and TV show developed by Dandy Media Repo.
Apart from the above there is a large number of add-on is available such are Real Movies, Maverick TV, Live Tube, Sportie, 1Movies, BooM etc.

Is there any alternative are available for Kodi

Yes, it is,

1. Plex:

It is a free

Customizable mobile app for android as well as a good alternative for Kodi.

2. Google Home:

It is a free Chrome Extension for watching videos and a good alternative for Kodi.

3. Squire:

A full version program for Android platform and best alternative for Kodi.

4. Plex for Android

A free streaming app for the latest technology and the best alternative for Kodi.

5. Netflix

Streaming TV, videos and original shows and the good alternate for Kodi.

6. MegaCast

It is a free program for Android and a good alternate for Kodi.

7. Crackle-Free TV and movies

A free program for Android and the best alternate for Kodi.

8. Yatse Unlocker

A free media and video app for android as well as a good alternate for Kodi.

9. EZCast

A free media and video app for Android and good alternate for Kodi.


Kodi for Windows

You can control your home TV from anywhere you like, and it’s a good alternative for Kodi.

Apart from the above, there are many alternatives for Kodi the choice is yours which alternative you like to go for.

No doubt Kodi is a great app with the use of add-ons you can enjoy it as you like. No matter you can use its alternative too. Kodi for Windows

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