iCloud for Windows 10 Free Download with Step By Step Guide

iCloud for Windows 10 Free Download with Step By Step Guide: iCloud is similar Google drive for Apple users. Wherein you can simply store your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more.

iCloud is extreamly secure and easy to use, even it’s available for all the devices. So, you can open your important media anywhere you want.

iCloud for Windows 10 Free Download with Step By Step Guide

iCloud for Windows 10 Free Download


If you take some photos in your iPhone, those photos are automatically available on any other device which you’re connected to iCloud. With this, you don’t need to transfer the images to transfer the photos from your iPhone to PC.

ICloud is a famous cloud storage launched by the Apple Inc. on 12th October 2011. It has 782 million users up to February 2016. With the help of iCloud, you can wirelessly back up iOS devices directly to iCloud.

You don’t have to rely on the manual backups now and host Mac or Windows computer using iTunes. The users can share photos, music, games etc. instantly by linking accounts via Airdrop wireless.

It has replaced the Apple’s MobileMe service, works as data syncing center for email, calendar, contacts, bookmarks reminders etc. iCloud provide security and privacy, as a user cannot rely on third party service to store its important data. Because it can be misused by any unauthorized users.

You can upload music tracks via iTunes and share it on your favorite devices. iCloud has unlimited storage capacity in which a user can save ringtones, text messages, music etc.

How iCloud for Windows helps you?

Keeps the Data Safe
It keeps your photos and videos safe in the iCloud. With the iCloud Photo Library, any new photo and video that you take on your iPhone, iPad or iPod automatically saved on your computer.

Share photos are videos
Use the feature iCloud Photo Sharing to share your favorite images and videos clips with one person you choose. You can invite your friends to add their own photo, videos and comments.

Get your documents on every device
With the help of iCloud Drive, you can get your documents on every device. You simply drag your documents into the iCloud Drive folder on your computer and access them at any time and any device you like.

Automatic Update
Keep your iCloud email, contact, reminders and calendars up to date automatically between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Computer.

Bookmarks on Windows
Keep your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome bookmarks on Windows the same for your safari bookmarks.

Update your Preference
Update your iCloud preferences, check how much iCloud storage you are using. You can delete the items to free up storage and update your storage plan whenever you need.

System requirements for iCloud
You require an Apple ID and an active Internet connection and up to date software. After meeting the recommended system requirements you can take the advantage of latest iCloud features and get the best experience. The minimum requirements to enjoy the features, the minimum requirements are given below.

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
IOS 10.3
iWork for iOS

MacOS Sierra
iTunes 12.5
Safari 9.1 or later, Google Chrome 54 or later or Firefox 45.
iWork for Mac

Microsoft Windows 10
ICloud for Windows 6
iTunes 12.5
Outlook 2007-Outlook 2016
Internet Explorer 11 or latest, Google Chrome 54 or later or Firefox 45 or later

How to set up iCloud for Windows?
1. With iCloud for windows, you can share images, video clips, files, calendars and other important data quickly on your Windows PC.
2. Download iCloud for Windows. In case it doesn’t download automatically, you will go to file explorer and open the iCloud Setup.
3. Restart your PC.
4. Be sure that iCloud for windows is open. If it doesn’t open automatically, go to start, open programs of apps and open iCloud for windows.
5. Enter your Apple ID to signing up to iCloud.
6. Select the features and content you want to keep and up to date across your devices.
7. Click apply

Advantages of backing up of your IPhone data with iCloud?
Easy usability
To take the backup your files in just a few clicks. This is a simple and effortless process.

No need a computer or cable
To take the backup you don’t need a cable or a computer.

Get 5GB of free storage
Enjoy 5GB of free storage, to back up your files to iCloud.

Simple access to your data
Just with simple clicks to access to your data. You will be surprised to see its simplicity.

Free of cost
ICloud is free, it’s another advantage people like it most.

How to access your iCloud data from Windows?
You can access your synced iCloud data on Windows through the iCloud Control panel desktop application or the iCloud website.

The iCloud Control Panel is available for download from Apple’s website and offers the various features mentioned below.

Email, contact, calendar and tasks Sync

iCloud Control Panel can sync this information with Outlook 2007 or above. In the absence of Outlook, you can access this data on the iCloud website. The task used here is the same that is the reminder.

Your Safari bookmarks can be synced with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Mozilla. Apple supports many other browsers on windows because Safari for Windows has been discontinued.

ICloud Control Panel can automatically download from your iCloud photo Stream to your PC. It is essential in you want to keep a local backup of your photos as photos in your Photo Stream will be automatically deleted.

Manage iCloud Storage
With the help of this feature, you can check space on your iCloud storage, for example, setting backups and device backups from apps you’ve used delete them to free up space.
The iCloud website can be accessed by visiting icloud.com, and enjoy the following features.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes and reminders
The data from these apps can be viewed and edited on the iCloud website, so that you can access if from any computer. Even you can do the same from the running window.
Find my iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac

Apple finds service is accessible from here, you can sign into iCloud on the computer and track your device in case you lose it. This feature displays the GPS location of your device on a map and helps you to remotely lock or find it.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote
The iWork apps now have web versions through which you can access the iCloud website. Using this you can see and edit the synced documents on any device.

User’s guide to iCloud
Apple’s iCloud makes it possible to sync and save data you need across all your devices. You can find all content of any of your Apple devices by using the same Apple ID. From re-downloading apps and games watching TV and movies. Here you will get everything you need to know about iCloud on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Use iCloud for backing up
The iCloud photo Library is available to anyone running iOS 8.3or above. ICloud photo Library keeps your entire photos keeps you library sync between all the devices you own. This is done through the Photos for Mac and Photos for IOS.

You can create an album on your iPhone, as it is instantly synced to your Mac and vice versa. ICloud frees up a tremendous amount of storage on your device by streaming images and clips instead of physically downloading them.

Use iCloud Photo Library
By Sharing the photos your friends and family can view, like, comment on your photos. Now no need to share your photos through social media. It is an excellent idea to share your photos with your near and dears.

Note: My Photo Stream can store your last 30 days images or most recent 1000 whichever is larger.

Use my Friend’s iPhone
To locate any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac which is missing. You can send an alert with a message to a device you are not able to find. Moreover, you can remotely use its data from if it is in worse condition. The thieves won’t be able to turn it off without knowing the iCloud password.

Use Family sharing
Family sharing helps you share iTunes and App Store purchases with other members of your family. It’s has a nice feature “Ask to Buy” which needs your children to request purchases. Through this, you will be notified and can approve or reject their request remotely. You can set up child ID’s to track someone’s lost device in your family.

Use iCloud Music Library
Let you make your entire library with the iTunes music catalog. The music is always available on Apple’s servers. It works like a backup and ensures you don’t lose your collection even if you lose your device.

Use iCloud Drive
The iCloud drive is Apple’s online storage and a central repository for Mac and iOS apps. Create a page on your iPad, save it and access it through the Mac. Most App Store apps support iCloud Drive, no matter what apps you select to use, your files will be available all the times.

Use iCloud Key Chain
ICloud Keychain tries to bring stability to password management. In case you save a password in Safari on your Mac for later use, iCloud keychain can sync the same facility to safari on your iPhone or iPad. This keychain can store your personal details like credit cards, addresses etc.

Set Up iCloud on Windows 10
Do you have iPhone or iPad with Windows 10 here how you can run it with iCloud? Of course! The use of apple phones and Windows computer is very common these days. The Microsoft recognized the necessity to make a service cross-platform between apple and Microsoft. Use the tips below to enjoy the iCloud on Windows 10.

From where to download
You need to download iCloud for Windows, after finishing the installation, your data will stay up to date across the devices.

Sign in
After the installation, you need to sign-in with your apple id username and password. That you already signed on your Apple devices.

Select what you want to sync
As the iCloud includes different bases, you may not want to sync all them to your PC. Select the ones you want by checking the relevant icons and click Apply.

File Explorer
1. Unlike drop box, the iCloud drive will not automatically add to your Quick Access panel in file Explorer. Do it yourself by following simple steps
2. By default the iCloud folder will be in your main use folder
3. Navigate to the director’s location in File explorer.
4. See the folder “iCloud Drive” and right click it.
5. Select the “Pin to Quick Access” to have a shortcut permanently on the left-hand side in the file explorer.

How to manage your iCloud Storage
If you reach the higher limit of iCloud storage, you need to manage it or buy more. The iCloud has 5 GB of storage by default. Use this space for your iCloud backup, to keep videos and photos and your documents up to date in the iCloud drive.

You can delete the unnecessary data or buy more iCloud storage. Because if you run out of iCloud storage, your device will not work with iCloud. Nothing can be saved in your photo library, and you cannot send or receive any messages of email with your iCloud.

Tips: Delete old backups, photos, videos, delete files and delete emails which are not in use.

Steps to Sync iPhone and iPad with iCloud on Windows 10 PC
The steps given below allows free iCloud storage up to 5GB only. For more storage, you can buy it.

1. Open a web browser on your PC.
2. Visit www.support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204283
3. Download and install iCloud for Windows
4. Click on the download
5. As the download finishes then launch it.
6. Click on run by accepting terms and conditions
7. Click Install Finish
8. After this process your PC will restart, iCloud will appear on the screen. Enter your Apple ID and password to Sign in. Here you need to enter your verification code.
9. Check the option next to iCloud Drive, photos, Calendars, Contacts, tasks, bookmarks etc.
10. Click to apply and confirm.

Download iCloud today to get a reliable storage of your data.

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